3 thoughts on “Didn’t turn out like you expected did it?

  1. I actually like it better the first way I heard it. It was told on Bono, of the Irish Ponce Rock band U2. And the audience was Australian. Different flavor.

    Still funny, though.


  2. Yeah, that’s a real “let ’em eat cake” joke, Virginia style. The real joke is the insensitivity expressed by the one who says something like this, his family who taught him that and all of you who think it’s so funny.

  3. MikeB, I think you must be missing the point of the joke. The little kid is interpreting the clapping of the hands as the cause of the deaths rather than merely indicating the frequency of the deaths. He apparently believes President Obama has some sort of magical powers. When child do this sort of thing (it’s very common) it makes parents laugh.

    When adults believe the president or guns have some sort of magical powers for good or evil it’s merely pathetic.

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