Gun handling

Ry, I’ll match that and raise you several magazines of tracers and about 100 people.

Any range I have ever been to would ban for life any of the people for their gun handling seen in this video (via email from Rob):

I’m all for having fun with guns but we can do it with much lower risk.


10 thoughts on “Gun handling

  1. After wedding celebration in Yeman. I’ve been to a couple outside of Sana’a. Usually they shoot straight up into the air.

  2. Anybody else notice that even with all that foolishness, none of the weapons jumped up and fired on their own killing folks all around?

    My son had a great idea for a video:
    A weapon laying on a table for three minutes doing nothing a clock sits next to the weapon to show passage of time.
    At the end text or VO points out that the loaded weapon did not kill anyone or even fire while laying there.
    I thought it could be a series with various types handguns, rifles and shotguns – just to make sure that there isn’t one that is self-aware, able to levitate and fire on its own.

  3. OH, I see someone has mentioned Yemen, and Sana’a. Well, check out the second story here…
    “Sept. 29 fatal firefight near British Embassy – Gun battle ‘normal accident’.”
    (cool picture of Yumpin Yemeni with his new toy)
    No surprise there.

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