Factual but Misleading

Dan Rather did Fake but Accurate so I now present Factual but Misleading.

The two pictures below were taken within a short time of each other on Saturday before Xenia’s wedding. Xenia is looking in the direction of her husband to be, John, who is shown in the picture below hers.

Draw your own conclusions about what these pictures mean.

I’ll let Xenia and/or John explain the straight story.


14 thoughts on “Factual but Misleading

  1. Pfft, you lie, I was looking at the photographer. John and I did not want him to see me in my dress before the ceremony, he was sitting on a bench near the side of the building playing a game on his iPhone. 😛

  2. I did not lie! Everything I said was absolutely true. It wasn’t complete. But it was true. With the selective data release it was just very misleading.


  3. Xenia –

    That is one beautiful dress. It reminds me of the one my wife wore 40 years ago. Of course back then, hers had to have long sleeves, heh.

  4. Xenia looks amazing, but beautiful as always.

    And John is thinking–I better not screw this up, I can’t dodge bullets from her and her dad at the same time…

  5. True or not, the juxtaposition is darned funny.

    Beautiful dress, beautiful setting, and (I hope) a beautiful wedding. Congratulations.

  6. Yeah, those pictures had me laughing too. When I saw John over there by himself with his head down I took five to ten pictures just to be sure and get something good. I figured Xenia would either eventually forgive me or get a suitable revenge for posting it. Then when I went looking for that picture I saw the one of Xenia and I knew I had a winning combination.

    Beautiful wedding is correct. Technically it went well too. I can only think of four errors. We recovered from all of them without difficulty. Only one of which people clearly noticed and it wasn’t that big of a deal (the preacher fumbled and dropped a ring, James quickly picked it up for him). Xenia is to be given a tremendous amount of credit for her superb scheduling and attention to detail. Caleb, James, and Kim get a lot of credit for being Xenia’s main workhorses. Barb and I contributed a fair amount but mostly it was supplying a little bit of advice and a moderate amount of money.

  7. I’m curious as to what you’re considering the other errors, because I can think of a lot more than four!

  8. Xenia, the errors I noticed were: 1) The chairs were originally set up wrong; 2) I said the wrong thing during one part of the ceremony; 3) The dropped ring; 4) You forgot to include eating lunch (and having food available) in the schedule of things to do prior to the ceremony.

    After Caleb’s comment above I now remember he didn’t change to the proper song for our trip down the aisle until it was brought to his attention by the sound guy (we were also out of sight of Caleb so I have to give him a little slack here).

  9. Oh Joe there was so much more going on behind the scenes than you were aware of. Caleb, Kim and James get a lot of credit but my sisters and I were working pretty hard too. I don’t think that I sat down for more than 5 minutes while you were sitting with your computer and family. I only got a few bites to eat and my feet were killing me at the end of the day. It was very worth the entire effort though; because despite the small errors it was a beautiful wedding–that Xenia designed. And the pictures that you took turned out great.

  10. Mom, he was on the computer (getting photos from other guests) because I asked him to!

    And of course I’m very appreciative of everyone that helped out, but Dad did more than just “sit” on his computer.

    Love you guys!

  11. I was partially right… I figured he was on his cell phone removing all the “little black book” numbers from the “contacts” directory. 😉

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