Busy with the wedding

Xenia is getting married tomorrow and I have been pretty busy with things. There won’t be much blogging tomorrow either.

They will be getting married near a tree planted by Teddy Rooevelt.

Xenia and John, with Caleb and Kim in the background at the rehersal this evening.

The wedding is on the Adminstration Building lawn on the University of Idaho campus. The list of people in our family who have attended the university is rather large and includes:

  • My father
  • My brother Doug
  • Niece Amy
  • Niece Lisa
  • Barb’s mother
  • Barb’s sister Nancy
  • Me
  • Barb
  • Son James
  • Daughter Kim
  • Daughter Xenia

We have roots there. And don’t forget Sarah Palin attended the Unversity of Idaho as well, but she isn’t family.


15 thoughts on “Busy with the wedding

  1. Congratulations to all parties, and I sincerely hope one of the attendees has their finger on a shutter button the entire time ;).

    Have fun, and best wishes.

  2. congrats and remember to tell them that they won’t get older they’ll gets better.

  3. TJP, I’m not sure what makes you think “that was fast”. He proposed over a year and a half ago. Ignore the link to her Live Journal post, she made it a private post after I linked it.

    Thanks everyone!

  4. Congratulations and many happy years to Xenia and John, and an even bigger round congratulations to Barb and yourself on your day full of win from teh RNS crew.

  5. Joe,

    Sorry about that. It’s a comment from my perspective. Time flies when you’re having fun reading ‘The View’. It didn’t seem that long since I first read about John. No offense intended!

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