Quote of the day–Samuel A. Hill

Viewed logically, virtually all “gun-control” legislation protects criminals from armed victims.

Think about that for a moment. Law-abiding citizens are prevented from using self-defense and protecting their own life and property.

For most of the past century, “gun-control” laws have been tested in America. Each and every one of them has failed miserably. Criminals and their criminal activities have not been affected by even the most draconian (unconstitutional) laws. The reason for their universal failure is no mystery: Criminals – by definition – do not obey laws!

Ironically, the anti-gun activists use the very fact that “gun-control” legislation is universally ineffective as a rallying cry for more of the same. That is sheer lunacy!

Samuel A. Hill
June 8, 2009
Gun-control laws should be repealed
[It’s as if he had read Just One Question or arrived at the same conclusion on his own. Nice job!–Joe]