$15.7 Billion Theater

I mentioned this to Breda in chat at the Gun Blogger Conspiracy and she said, “….sigh well, I’m going braless next time”. If it weren’t for the extremely high risk of getting arrested I would go completely naked through the security check point just to make a point.

There is bill in the house (H.R. 2200) which would give TSA authority to spend $15.7 billion over fiscal years 2010-2011. That’s $15.7 billion to spend on A Security Theater.

I guess this shouldn’t be too surprising. The Democrats frequently spent tax money on the arts–including those promoting nudity.


1 thought on “$15.7 Billion Theater

  1. As far as I can tell, the only effective protest would be to not fly at all. They want to make street kabuki out of the flying experience? ::shrug:: Don’t fly. They demonstrate day in and day out that they’re NOT serious about security, only about covering their own fat asses by being SEEN to be doing SOMEthing? ::shrug:: Don’t fly.

    They may never get the message. Seems as though “they” never do, but resolutely draw the wrong lesson from their experiences every time. But at least you won’t be paying your hard-earned cash to support the farce.


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