Hating the Vicious Circle

I have listened to all 11 episode of the Vicious Circle podcasts now. Most of them were in two five hour stretches. Shortly after listening I was fairly pleased. But now I’m starting to hate it–for several days I have had this earworm of the music they use.

Will a trip to the range without hearing protection rid me of it? Or am I going to have to use a couple pounds of Boomerite?


4 thoughts on “Hating the Vicious Circle

  1. Just listen to some different music– something you like. Booker T and the MGs could cure what ails ya, but the prescription varies greatly with the patient.

    I have earworms practically every minute of every day. Right now it’s The Moody Blues. Frequently over the last year it’s been my jazz arrangement of Sleigh Ride.

    You get something you like in there and it can be a neutral to a good thing, IMO.

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