Dates for Boomershoot 2010

I’ve had numerous people and even the owners of one motel* contact me about the date for Boomershoot 2010.

I’ve set the dates to be April 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Go ahead and make your motel reservations if you plan on attending.

I’m still working on the entry form software and waiting for a quote on the price of the dinner. I thought I would have all this done weeks ago but it just hasn’t happened. Maybe this weekend I’ll get it done and open up entries.

* A portion of the motel owner email:


We are owners of the XXX Motel in Orofino, Idaho. We appreciate you sponsoring the Boomershoot because it gives us great business during the month of April. We have some great people who have been coming here just to participate in the Boomershoot.

We have had several requests asking if we know when the 2010 Boomershoot will happen. So we thought we would contact you and see if you have set any dates for the 2010 event? Some of our guests reserved rooms already just taking a guess when it would be.

Please let us know when you have chosen the dates.



3 thoughts on “Dates for Boomershoot 2010

  1. You know, it would be really appreciated by both me and many others if you would give a week’s advance notice as to when EXACTLY entries would open. As in, “______day, 2:01 am Pacific time.”

  2. Have had not problems with past signup methods, but that is probably because I got what I wanted.

    How about considering the following:
    1) opening signups to past years participants first (as you have before)
    2) 48-72 hour preference to those who held the position last year

    No doubt there is no perfect method! What ever happens, thanks for your efforts in putting on this great event again!!!

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