Pravda Criticizes U.S. Descent into Socialism

I never though I’d see the day. I recall listening to Radio Moscow, pre Gorbachev, on HF (that’s “shortwave radio” to most) as they blasted the U.S. and her evil capitalist ways. They did it in English, using an announcer who sounded like your favorite uncle from Texas. Now our own government officials sound much like Radio Moscow’s English service did in those days, but more strident.

Via the Rush Limbaugh radio show, I heard Pravda is criticizing us for our “descent” into socialism.

Things are bad when Pravda says we’ve gone too far to the left.

Pravda’s web server seems to have melted. It worked just minute ago, but when Rush mentions a web site it usually spells “meltdown”. Keep trying. You have to see it.


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