Is that all it takes?

My jaw dropped after reading this:

What started out as a report of a man drunk and passed out in his car at a Franklin restaurant early Saturday morning led to federal agents searching a storage facility.

Officers received a call at 4 a.m. of a man passed out at the Steak n Shake on Carothers Parkway. Police arrested the man, Timothy Tyndall, and found a gun, ammunition and marijuana in his car.

While he was being questioned by authorities, Tyndall said he had chemicals stored at a facility that were capable of making hydrogen gas, a highly flammable substance.

Officers raided Tyndall’s storage unit in Cool Springs and found half a dozen containers of chemicals. Agents with the ATF and FBI examined the chemicals and found they were not capable of exploding.

Having the chemicals capable of making hydrogen gas is that all it takes to get “raided”?

If your home has water and electricity then you too have the capability of making hydrogen gas.

When you can get a judge to sign off on a search warrant when given evidence someone has the capability of making hydrogen gas the 4th Amendment is completely, totally, without meaning–as opposed to the minor speed bump that is now.


3 thoughts on “Is that all it takes?

  1. Even worse, I possess the capability to produce copious amounts of methane. Guess I’ll expect a visit any day now.

    And Katie bar the door if I should ever combine some of the typical household cleaners.

    But they’ll take my aluminum foil when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

  2. “…ATF and FBI examined the chemicals and found they were not capable of exploding.”

    Hmm. I guess they didn’t look, or think, very far. Anything is “capable of exploding” if hot enough and contained well enough. Your hot water tank can easily explode, with devastating results, if the thermostat and safety valve are removed, for example. I won’t even talk about water in a metal canteen over a flame. Then there are those dry ice “bombs”.

    I wonder if they’d conclude that my pounds of black and smokeless powder are “capable of exploding” and then accuse me of “stockpiling bomb making supplies”. For all I know, I probably have some threaded steel pipe in the garage too, and the complex set of skills (possibly acquired at a training camp somewhere– who knows?) to turn a fucking wrench.

    I think there may be a place in Moscow – Tri-State – where you can buy gunpowder, threaded steel pipe and “survivalist supplies” in one stop. Maybe they’re a secret revolutionary ordnance supply and command center cleverly disguised as a hardware store and outdoor sports outfitter. You just never can tell.

    I know my wife is “capable of exploding”– I’ve seen her do it. I wonder if they’d consider her a possible threat to security. I guess they’d just better not piss her off. Do I need a license to keep her around? How about a special reinforced magazine?

    On the other hand; maybe some people have way too much free time and instead of inventing work for themselves, should consider getting a real job while they have a chance.

    Oh, and; Once your AC is rectified, you immerse your electrodes in the water. The Oxygen comes off the anode and the H comes off the cathode, IIRC. We were shown how to do that in high school science class (now that I think about it, it may have been a terrorist training camp cleverly disguised as a third-rate public school – call the police!).

  3. In completely related news, I’ve been following with interest (and dismay) the ongoing persecution of small-scale home distillers. How many government millions are being spent protecting the US booze-tax cartel? People here (Seattle) keep saying, legalize pot. Hell, legalize alcohol!

    By the way, I love that term “survivalist.” What’s the alternative? “Oh, I won’t be eating anymore. Eating leads to my survival.”

    One last thing. Did they look in his vehicle’s gas tank? Talk about a potentially explosive/highly flammable substance!

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