Quote of the day–Evelyn Logan

ALWAYS take at least one knife to a gunfight, just in case you run out of spare mags.

Evelyn Logan
From the email list NRAInstructorsRKBA.
[Good point. You don’t have to reload a knife. But as I heard Greg Hamilton once say, “If I run out of ammo there will be lots of unused guns and ammo on the ground for me to pick up.”–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Evelyn Logan

  1. I carry a knife because there are lots more things I need to cut than I need to shoot. Rope, tape, that crappy clamshell packaging on every freakin’ thing these days. But I carry multiple knives because I have been in plenty of, thankfully training, situations where my gun draw was impaired for some reason. A knife on the other side of your body from the pistol could be a life saver.

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