Quote of the day–Josh Horwitz

It’s time for all advocates of gun violence prevention to stand together and demand principled action from our elected officials. Capitol Hill needs to receive a clear message—they cannot continue to ignore a majority of Americans in order to do the gun lobby’s bidding without paying a price at the ballot box.

Josh Horwitz
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May 26, 2009
Executive Director, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
[Poor Josh, he’s such a Sad Panda. No one is listening to him anymore.

I’ve always wondered what “principles” they adhere to. It’s not some sort of advocacy of safety as they hint at on their web site. If it were then they would be able to answer Just One Question. It’s certainly not constitutional principles or freedom/liberty. As near as I can tell it’s some modern day equivalent of “We don’t want no damn n**gers around here.” It’s no wonder people don’t pay attention. Bigotry is such an ugly thing.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Josh Horwitz

  1. You’re trying to figure out his principles.

    I’m trying to figure out what majority of Americans he is talking about.

    If all else fails, simply lie.

  2. “I’m trying to figure out what majority of Americans he is talking about.”

    Yeah, it’s a standard MO of the left– since they can’t support their arguments with reason or principles, they fall back on assertions of who it is that agrees with them, or how many agree with them. The extension of that is; if you disagree, you’re standing out all alone (and nobody likes you, you mean old meanie). It’s pathetic really, in addition to being boringly predictable. I’d feel sorry for them if they weren’t so dangerous.

  3. Yep. If they acted on principle of the law of the land, the disarmers would have the door shut in their face.

  4. I really do think that its time for the VPC dudes and other advocates of gun violence prevention to “stand together”. Heck, I’ll buy all three of them a latte.

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