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This was a lot of fun. Joe had said that some people like to blow up Boomers at long range, while others prefer to “pick grass and dirt out of their teeth.” I could understand why. By the end, my cheeks hurt from smiling so severely.

May 11, 2009
Boomershoot 2009
[This was referring to the High Intensity close range shoot. I’m thinking of doing it both Friday and Saturday evening in 2010.–Joe]


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  1. I hit several Boomers at long range (out to about 625 yards), only blew one up – but the hits, as confirmed through my own riflescope and by my spotter, were extremely gratifying.

    I’d like to blow more up at long range – but I can also see the allure of “picking grass and dirt out of my teeth” – that could be an awful lot of fun too.

    I’m about this close: “” to making a week off in late April 2010 a must-have on my job-hunting.

    Scratch that. It’s this close: ” ie, a must-have. I’m not going to take a job that won’t let me carry concealed at work, and I’m not going to take a job that won’t let me attend Boomershoot.

  2. We had some problems with Boomers not going off this year. On examination it was found they all had the same date code. The Boomers used for the attempted fireball were from the same lot as well. We think we know what the problem was and plan to change our process such that it doesn’t happen again.

    Hope you can make it next year. It will be a blast!

  3. I splattered a couple targets at 700 with 175 grain pills from a .308, i.e. no boom. I attributed it to either the low velocity or a peripheral hit, and went straight to shooting steel at that range. The steel was fun, and we didn’t have to second guess our near misses, plus we’d already gotten several booms at the shorter ranges. One of my guests, an almost new shooter, hit the 700 yard gong on her first shot. There is something wonderfully surreal about watching the bullet track into and smack the target, and then hearing the results (what seems like) much later.

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