Quote of the day–David Hardy

The new president announced, among other things, that membership was increasing by 100,000 a month, and that over 10,000 new members had signed up during the convention.

David Hardy
May 18, 2009
Referring to the membership of the NRA.
Some notes from the NRA Board meeting
[100,000 new members in a month is probably more than the total money paying membership in any given year of all the anti-gun groups combined. What I want to know is how the side that only has about 2 to 3 percent as many members as the larger group can imagine the larger group are the “extremists”. I guess it comes with the territory. These are the same people that declare themselves to be “gun safety” advocates and have never even taken, let alone taught, a gun safety course.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–David Hardy

  1. “…the larger group are the “extremists”

    The American principles of liberty– the idea that every person is born with certain unalienable rights, the idea of a limited government, the government being subordinate to the people, and the notion that we have the right to throw off a government that becomes destructive of these ends– these are historically speaking, extreme ideas and principles. If 100% of Americans embraced these principles, they would still be extreme in the global, historical sense, yet this is a kind of “extremism” that has been very beneficial.

    If we look at the U.S. alone, and at those principles upon which she was founded, we could say that anyone who opposes those principles in any way is an “extremist” amoung Americans, no matter their number.

  2. “…membership was increasing by 100,000 a month…”

    So, an anti-freedom government is good for the NRA, and conversely, a pro-freedom government would be bad for the NRA? I suppose that’s unavoidable, but it’s a question we need to keep in mind. If pro-rights groups are successful, they will in large part have put themselves out of business, or else they will have morphed into something else entirely.

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