A Security Theater

A report from Breda who gets the rubber glove treatment because of her leg prosthesis.

I commented and gave her a link to What TSA really stand for and then I noticed that TSA is improving their security procedures:

Prepare yourself for airport security to get a little more personal. It’s the first publicly noticeable step in a multi-phase government plan to help keep air travel safe. New rules for air travelers.

Starting today, in addition to handing over a boarding pass and ID in the security line, passengers making reservations will have to provide their full name, just as it appears on the government ID they plan to use when boarding the plane.

Travel agent Nancy Nemecek said “when you make your reservation you need to give your name exactly, and that means first name, middle name, if that’s what’s on your ID, and your last name.”

It’s part of a Transportation Security Administration program being phased in called Secure Flight.

“Secure Flight”? You have to use your full name on the ticket and that makes the flight secure? Yeah, right.

But the TSA is good for something. Penn and Teller can play with them.

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  1. I love the spot checks they perform AFTER the “security” check point. I feel so much safer observing TSA groping and fondling passengers as they board the plane. They’re just ensuring our safety.

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