Paintball and laser tag are next

You can be pretty sure no one has been killed or injured with a gun used for laser tag and permanent injuries with paintball guns are exceedingly rare. But that isn’t really relevant is it? It’s the thought that counts:

The Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democrat Party agreed on Tuesday evening to reforms to Germany’s gun laws, which include a controversial ban on war games like paintball or laser-tag.

The draft law would also bar youths under the age of 18 from shooting high-caliber firearms at target practice.

The plan also contains provisions to impose hefty fines on the operators of war games like paintball, a game in which players use air-guns to shoot paint-filled ammunition at opponents. Lawmakers say the sport “simulates killing” and should be outlawed.


2 thoughts on “Paintball and laser tag are next

  1. Sounds like time for all Jews, Poles, Gypsies, homosexuals, intellectuals,physically and mentally impaired, and dissidents to flee Germany. And do it RIGHT now.

    We’ve already seen the results of this line of thought in Germany.

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