Progress at the Federal level–amazing

This afternoon I watched with fascination on my cell phone as I got Twitter updates from bitterb on the amendment to a Senate bill that would allow guns in National Parks. It was debated and passed 67-29.

Can it pass in the House? Will Obama veto it if it reaches his desk?

Last November I could not have imagined any pro-gun bill passing by a 2/3s majority in either house at the Federal level.


One thought on “Progress at the Federal level–amazing

  1. I guess they’re between a rock and a bit of a hard place, aren’t they? If they want to stay in office and continue stealing our liberty, they can’t piss off too many of us. I mean sure– bankrupt our children and grandchildred, take over the banking and finance industry, start taking over the manufacturing industires, and that’s one issue, but screw with our gun rights and we’ll get really pissed.

    This is a little bone they’re throwing us to keep us busy chewing while they go for the next back-door restriction.

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