Socialism isn’t creeping

Sometimes I will read about “creeping socialism”. No one with a room temperature IQ, half functional news sources, and at least one foot outside the nearest mental hospital can avoid the conclusion socialism is in high gear and about to shift into overdrive at full throttle. GM, Chrysler, and the banking industry in this country are already being crushed by the socialists. Our path leads to Venezuela:

Venezuelan soldiers at an event presided over by President Hugo Chávez on Friday celebrating the seizure of contractors’ assets.

President Hugo Chávez asserted greater control over the country’s energy industry on Friday by seizing the assets of some foreign and domestic oil contractors while his government grapples with a sharp decline in oil revenue and mounting debts.

Venezuela, which relies on oil for about 93 percent of its export earnings, has not paid some of the oil contractors since late last year, according to filings by companies like Williams Companies, based in Tulsa, Okla., which said last month that it did not expect to receive $241 million it was owed here. Petróleos de Venezuela had been seeking a reduction of about 40 percent in its overall debt to the companies, which is estimated by industry analysts to be about $10 billion.

Our “people will never again be anyone’s slave,” Mr. Chávez said Friday.

Industry representatives in the oil-producing state of Zulia said uniformed soldiers had begun occupying oil installations on Thursday, shortly before the National Assembly approved a measure allowing the takeovers. The move deepens Mr. Chávez’s control of the oil industry, following the imposition of higher royalties on foreign oil companies, raids on their offices by tax authorities and the nationalization of large oil-producing projects in recent years.

“…never again be anyone’s slave”? Really? What do you call it when someone claiming superiority over you takes the results of your work for their own use without compensation? It seems pretty clear to me the oil contractors are being treated like slaves. And as things continue to deteriorate both in Venezuela and the U.S. expect more and more slaves to be created.

I’d ask my cousin who used to work in the Venezuela oil industry what he thought of the situation but I can’t. He died while in Venezuela a while back under suspicious circumstances.


2 thoughts on “Socialism isn’t creeping

  1. In my ideal scenario, I would have had the oil facility wired with hidden explosives. When the situation had come down to national seizure (fascism), I would send everyone home, starting with any foreign workers (to give them time to pack up and be gone by plane first), then the locals. Then set the timer, hop a plane out, and be gone by the time the place blew.

    So, Senior Clown Hugo. You wish to seize my company’s assets without paying for them? I hope you like a pile of rubble. Rebuild on your own dime.

  2. “…never again be anyone’s slave”?

    To the Left, “Slavery” means being “forced” to live in a free market with the protection of human rights including, of course, property rights– Seeing other people achieve things far beyond anything they themselves could imagine possible.

    That’s where you’re confused. You thought you knew what slavery meant.

    We have to understand that there is no hell like the hell experienced by some leftists when they’re “forced” to see free people surviving and thriving on their own wits in a market based purely on peaceable, voluntary exchange. They absolutely, positively MUST try to do something about it.

    It’s been called by many names. One of those is “Liberation Theology”. Another one would be “Jihad”.

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