Quote of the day–Ry Jones

So why not Owner? Owners don’t do NFA. Owners don’t do political organizing. Owners don’t buy 1200 feet of paracord to cause other owners to spends thousands of dollars on ammo they otherwise would not have spent. While I am certainly an owner, I am not an Owner.

Ry Jones
April 27, 2009
[Explaining why he doesn’t fit any of Tam’s categories of gun owners.

The 1200 feet of paracord probably needs some explain for those unfortunate people that did not attend Boomershoot last weekend.

It was Ry’s idea to satisfy a frequent request for moving reactive targets. He did this by suspending camo painted, Boomerite filled, targets from trees. The targets swung, bounced, and taunted the shooters. They loved them and, amazingly enough, nailed the 0.5 MOA (and smaller) targets. Mike, the guy in position 76, who doesn’t even use a spotter asked me “Are those four inch targets dangling on the ropes up there near the 700 yard line?” I told him that before lunch they were. After lunch they were replaced with three inch targets. “Okay,” he said, “There is one less of them now.”–Joe]


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