I noticed a chill

I went to Office Depot today to pick up some supplies for Boomershoot. I bought three pounds (it annoys me they are by the pound rather than the count) of #6 rubber bands, 200 clip on name badges, and a self-inking stamp. Everyone was nice until I told them what I wanted on the stamp. Then I noticed a distinct chill in their attitude.

I’m not sure what it could have been but it must have been one of the following lines:

Extreme Danger!!
Contains High Explosives
FlashTek, Cavendish ID 208-301-4254
Lot 2009-4-      Shift 1


6 thoughts on “I noticed a chill

  1. I would have loved to have been there & seen their faces & watched them shit bricks when you asked for that stamp. They probably thought that you had the explosives on you, or out in your car.

  2. The double exclamation points after the words “Extreme Danger” are enough to make any English major grind their teeth in angst.

    And associating the word “High” with anything other than a press release from NORML causes cognitive dissonance.

    But beyond those two obvious problems, I think the Cavendish reference likely is indeed the problem.

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