Fox hunting

Athough I harvested one deer with Barb’s Jeep and another with my .300 Win Mag I don’t really consider myself a hunter. But I do generally support hunters being able to continue their sport and harvesting food in this manner.

However–there are some hunters that give me pause. I may have to reevaulate my position on fox hunters.

Via email from Bruce L.:

Dear Concerned Citizen:

Please help ban fox hunting — THIS MADNESS MUST STOP!!

Peter Cottontail


2 thoughts on “Fox hunting

  1. That there is one scary sight. It takes “sly as a fox” to a whole new level. From now on, we’ll have to be more careful in the field!

  2. “…there are some hunters that give me pause.”

    Surely you mean; “…there are some hunters that give me paws.”

    That critter isn’t going to get a shot off until he closes the bolt, and if he fires with that hold, he’s going to get a bad case of “scope eye”. Canines are poor shots anyway, and generally incompetent with mechanical devices.

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