Barrett M82A1 for sale

From a long time Boomershooter who will be attending again:

Barrett M82A1, Pelican case, manual
Nightforce NXS 5.5-22 x 56mm scope, illuminated mil-dot reticle, quick detach bases, manual 3 magazines, cleaning kit
500 rounds linked API/APIT (4-1 mix, in 100-round cans)
500 rounds linked ball (4-1 ball / tracer, in 100 round cans)
240 rounds linked AP (4-1 AP/ AP tracer mix, old black-tip stuff, four belts in wooden crate)
70+ rounds HSM moly-coat
Assorted used mil-surp 50 BMG brass
Ammo only for sale if M82A1 sells, but available for sale separately if gun does sell.

$15k for rifle & scope, $13k for just the rifle (I really like the scope), slightly negotiable.

Ammo at $4 round mil-surp, $350/100, $320/100 for the AP, $5/round for the HSM, reasonable bulk discounts considered, especially for purchaser of rifle. It will be available for delivery at Boomershoot w/o further hassles (except maybe the chief financial officer of the household), or otherwise with appropriate negotiation.

All state and federal laws apply, but I’m not a FFL. Cash or precious metals only, paperwork optional.

If you won’t be attending Boomershoot this year but are someplace in Washington or North Central Idaho I can probably arrange for the transportation to a suitable transfer location. Send me an email if interested: Joe AT JoeHuffman DOT Org.


3 thoughts on “Barrett M82A1 for sale

  1. Ummm… I hope he realizes he’s well above (like $4k above) market on that rifle, and that scope.

    The Barrett runs $9k new in box, and there are numerous examples available on auction arms, guns america, and gunbroker. I saw two of them in the past week at local gunshops. There is no shortage.

    The scope is avaialble, NIB, for under $1900, and is in stock at Midway USA.

    Not to rain on his parade, but before you put something up for sale, you really aught to know what it’s worth; and what it’s worth isn’t necessarily related to what you happened to pay for it.

  2. Chris beat me to it.
    He’s right 15K is crazy for that rifle, NEW. And I assume that it is used. 15-16K for the whole package (ammo and all) would be more reasonable.

  3. Hmmm… I dunno. Yes, it’s above MSPR, but I’ve seen them priced all over, and all of the lower / more reasonable prices I checked were back-ordered from months to well into next year (but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places?) For available *now*, it seems noticeably higher prices are being charged. Also, scope, rings, bases, mounting, taxes – that adds up, too. Yes, there is a premium over current-delivery price, but most of those I’ve seen are advertised for sale through a FFL with a 4473, and avoiding those are worth a lot to some people. Maybe the seller doesn’t really want to sell it a whole lot, but can justify it if they sell it at a reasonable mark-up for cash-n-carry so they can buy some other toys. And, as the ad said, price /is/ negotiable.

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