Contrast in mindsets

A different mindset in regards to a pedestrian that had an altercation with a car and then was nearly beaten to death by the car passengers:


Lesson: Watch out for cars. Keep your mouth shut and keep walking.


Isn’t it great that Washington is a shall-issue state where any law abiding citizen can, in 30 days, get a permit to carry a concealed firearm?

And we have places to practice close by- Wade’s in Bellevue, Champion Arms in Tukwila- where you can rent guns to figure out what handgun is right for you.

It is your responsibility to protect yourself- the police are always a few minutes away, while the bad guys are right here, right now.

If you are outnumbered, or your attacker is stronger than you, a handgun is the only reasonable choice for self defense.

What if the man who was attacked had a woman with him? Would he try to hold off the 4 attackers while she ran away?

The cost of training and carrying a handgun is small compared to falling prey, or letting your friends and family fall prey, to the predators that roam our city.

Which mindset serves as a deterrent to thugs and which encourages them?

But watch out. If you were carrying and you antagonized the people in the car, encouraged them to fight you, then pulled the gun when they took up your offer you could likely (and rightly so) be charged with a crime. If you are involved in a shooting make sure you are the innocent victim.

Via a direct email from masa who also said:

Perhaps you could encourage your readers to leave comments more often, even on places like the Seattle Times that we may not normally read.


2 thoughts on “Contrast in mindsets

  1. The comments were stunning from the liberals who think everything is fine and it is worse in other big cities. They can’t see the progression from good to bad. The idea is not compared to SF panhandlers but the best crime free localities. The other commenters were people who agreed and had gotten out or were about to. I guess those that find that social situation intolerable leave for better areas and those that find it OK will continue to get that pathology. So the ciy will continue to deteriorate and the residents will believe that is way life is supposed to be.

    NYC was like that and Guiliani showed it can change. He was hated for it too by liberals.

    Oh well I though of moving there in the 1980’s but not now.

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