Quote of the day–Martin Sieff

She hit it off with Nixon from the word go. Beneath her lovable grandmother veneer of course she was as tough, uncompromising, hard-headed, mean, selfish, and vicious as he was. He liked that.

Martin Sieff
Referring to Nixon’s meeting with Golda Meir in the ’60s.
The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East, page 127.
[I finished listening to this book on my recent trip to/from Idaho. Good book. He rips both presidents and advisers to both political parties for their naiveté and unrealistic view of the Middle East. It’s kind of depression to think that he might be right, the things we value the most such as religious tolerance and electing political leaders cannot work in Arab nations. He claims we have to accept dictatorial rulers for those countries to have stability. The people are not currently capable of handling representative democracies. It just a question of whether it’s going to be benevolent or murderous dictators.–Joe]