Live report from Boomershoot site

Currently the temperature is 48F, up from 46F about 30 minutes ago. The sun is out with only a few wispy clouds in the sky.

In places there are still 16 inches of snow or more in the shooters area. I’m sure there is deeper snow near the Taj where I am now. My biggest concern now is the transportation of 400 pounds of potassium chlorate from the road to the Taj. The shooters can bring appropriate gear and will be able to cope but if we can’t make the targets in a timely manner things won’t be near as fun. Worse case I can probably bring it in via ATV and trailer in five gallon containers. But overall transportation of people and targets to/from the Taj could be an issue. Another option is to bring the bulldozer over a week before the event and clear a road through the snow. Assuming the weather is decent the exposed ground should dry out.

At this point, three weeks from the event, I’m resigned to there being significant snow in places. It could be 70F and the sun shining on the day of the event but there, almost for certain, will be more snow on the ground than there was last year. And last year was the first time we had snow on the ground for Boomershoot in all ten years there has been a Boomershoot here. And we have held Boomershoot as early as April 15th before.

Damn you Al Gore! This is all your fault! [Just kidding.]

Update: More bad news.

  • The “well” doesn’t appear to have any water in it. We will have to bring water for cleaning up the target manufacturing equipment. And I’ll have to get it fixed this summer.
  • A family of mice got into the explosives magazine and chewed up a bunch of target boxes. I didn’t have as many boxes as I finally decided I wanted anyway. I’ll probably order some more tomorrow.
  • The Internet connection is still flaky. Not as bad as I have seen it with the old equipment but it still drops out frequently even though the signal strength appears to be strong just before and just after it dies.


4 thoughts on “Live report from Boomershoot site

  1. No pictures?

    Snow at Boomershoot? As long as it isn’t any worse than last year during the Precision Rifle course we will be fine!

    Joe, we really, really appreciate all you do to make this happen!!


  2. Pictures will follow once I make it back to my bunker in Kirkland. Four hour delay over Snoqualmie so I took Stevens. So did lots of others. Stop and go for an hour at the intersection of Highways 97 and 2. I’m eating dinner in Leavenworth and blogging via a cellphone Internet connection.

  3. Even if there are fewer targets they should last longer as they will be more difficult to hit. White cardboard boxes against white snow = challenge.

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