The law doesn’t apply to us, we’re the police

Typical. One set of laws for us and no laws for them.

Not only do police officers (and a district attorney) buy machine guns for person use from the police department but the police department is fighting the Freedom of Information Act requests:

The court case is the result of a Freedom of Information Law request filed by the Times Union more than three years ago. The city denied the newspaper’s request. Last year a state judge ordered the documents released yet allowed the city to redact the names of officers from the records. The newspaper appealed.

In its initial denial, the city said the release of the records could endanger the lives of officers because the guns were used to fight crime.

However, more than a year later in August 2007 the Times Union reported the guns were purchased illegally by officers for personal use, at tax-exempt prices, and that they had never been used for official duties.

The city subsequently changed its court argument to say the documents should not be released because they were ”personnel” files and therefore exempt from disclosure under a state law that shields police officers employee files from public disclosure. The Albany Police Officers Union joined the case at that point and has cited the fact officers may have engaged in illegal behavior to buttress their argument that the documents are therefore personnel records.

Still, no officer has been fired, disciplined or passed over for a promotion as a result of being implicated in the scandal, according to several departmental sources. Also, the city, in its legal papers, said officers cannot be held accountable for misconduct that is more than a year old.

“Cannot be held accountable for misconduct that is more than a year old?” So they just have to make sure the bodies of all the women with babies in their arms they shoot with the machine guns aren’t found for at least a year?


5 thoughts on “The law doesn’t apply to us, we’re the police

  1. I’m for cops or ex cops being free to buy any guns they want for their personal use, so long as the rest of us are treated with the same respect.

  2. +1 on the BATFE investigation. I’d like to see JBFT (jack booted federal thugs) kicking the doors of JGLT (jack booted local thugs).

  3. Does explain the deep deep pool of anger against law enforcement though, doesn’t it?

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