Quote of the day–Dmitry Orlov

Here is the key insight: you might think that when collapse happens, nothing works. That’s just not the case. The old ways of doing things don’t work any more, the old assumptions are all invalidated, conventional goals and measures of success become irrelevant. But a different set of goals, techniques, and measures of success can be brought to bear immediately, and the sooner the better.

Dmitry Orlov
February 13, 2009
Social Collapse Best Practices
[On Saturday my Dad, my brother Doug, Ry, and I were all sitting around talking about the hazards and opportunities our current economic situation. Doug pointed out that five or ten years from now will be able to see all kinds of opportunities that are available to us right now if we only could see them. I don’t think anyone disagreed with him. But none of had any real clues as to what those opportunities are.–Joe]


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  1. Well… I think that metals are down at present..

    Perhaps Brass… And Lead………

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