Recognition of Second Amendment a nightmare

D.C. may have to give some recognition to the Second Amendment and the Heller decision and what do the anti-gun bigots have to say about it? They think it’s “a nightmare”:

What should have been a day of celebration last Thursday turned into a nightmare for the District, however, when the Senate approved its version of the “D.C. House Voting Rights Act” S. 160, with an amendment drafted by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

I wonder if they also think recognition of the 13th Amendment was a nightmare as well?

Update: I left the following comment:

And those other states with the “weaker gun laws” have much lower rates of violent crime.
There is Just One Question that needs to be answered:
Can you demonstrate one time or place, throughout all history, where the average person was made safer by restricting access to handheld weapons?
The answer is no. Violent crime rates were not improved (unless you cherry pick the data very carefully) in D.C. after the gun ban. And after asking that question for over four years I have yet to get an answer which any anti-gun person would be proud of.
One has to wonder what the real motive of people associated with anti-gun organizations is. We know restrictive laws on firearms don’t make people safer so what is it they hope to accomplish?
I can only conclude they are of the same type of mindset that would have screamed the 13th Amendment was going to be a “nightmare” as well. Hence, I am lead to believe the anti-gun organizations of the 21st century are the equivalent of the KKK of the 20th century.

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3 thoughts on “Recognition of Second Amendment a nightmare

  1. How far we have fallen, that even a very limited recognition of an enumerated right is referred to as a “nightmare”.

    That being the case, we need a lot more “nightmares”.

  2. I’m afraid there will be more nightmares coming – theirs and ours.

    I’ll never understand why people, especially those who profess to be people of “peace and love,” can’t accept the ZAP and aid in the growth of society. Why do these people insist on dragging humanity down and promulgating violence?

    This is why you’re a better person than I am, Joe: you’ve got a much kinder heart if you can actually try debating these people. They turn my stomach and I see red when I hear this sort of brutality-espousing, rights-infringing, anti-human garbage.

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