Cranking it down another notch

The Brady Campaign is now pointing out the rate of fire with a semi-auto firearm can approach the rate of a fully automatic firearm.

One has to assume this fact will be used to argue that semi-auto firearms should be treated like fully automatic firearms. In other words newly manufactured firearms of this type should banned from sale to private citizens and the ones currently in circulation should be heavily taxed and licensed.

Just wait until they find out that in the hands of an expert revolvers and lever action rifles can be fired as fast or faster than a semi-auto in the hands of amateur. Soon they will be calling bolt action rifles and single shot pistols the “weapons of choice” for drug runners, mother rapers, father stabbers, and father rapers.


4 thoughts on “Cranking it down another notch

  1. Yes; they want to reserve firearms exclusively for the criminals.

    Republicans; we’re waiting. I don’t want to hear your words, and I don’t want to see your childish political posturing. All I want to see is some genuine, effective opposition to this horseshit. It’s time to get serious and show us what you can do.

  2. Oh, I hope they get ’em banned.

    You see, I know and admit right now that I will aid in the trafficking of illegal arms. They (or you, if any piggies are reading) will not catch me doing it. I can promise you that. I won’t lay a finger on an illegal gun. But I will see that anyone who wants one will get one. And I’ll take a nice cut of change for my efforts.

    In the days of dwindling 401Ks, the Democrats are ensuring my retirement. I guess this is the REAL economic stimulus plan.

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