I had a dream

I woke up early this morning after having a dream.


Today is the day I may get a chance to ask Senator Leahy a question or two. In my dream I asked my question, didn’t like his response, and my follow-up question was a bit hostile. As I was leaving the confernce center a couple of men in suits tried to stop me. They were¬†unsuccessful. Things for me went downhill from there.


I must avoid being hostile. I think I can say nearly the same words with a smile and a friendly voice and everyone will have a much happier day.


Update: I have written down the exact words I want to use.


A few days ago at Georgetown University you suggested creating a “Truth Commission” to investigate constitutional excesses of the previous administration. Do you still think that is a good idea and do you think such a commission should also investigate the excesses of congress and the current administration in regards to violations of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments in the Bill of Rights who have exceeded the powers enumerated in the constitution?


Follow up questions may involve Just One Question and/or reference to 18 USC 242.


3 thoughts on “I had a dream

  1. “exceeded.”

    Also, you may wish to lop off the whole Ninth and Tenth Amendment and enumerated powers part of your question. Leahy won’t get it and will immediately categorize you as a kook rather than responding to your question. That’s because as an attorney and Judiciary Committee member he’s intimately familiar with the Constitutional justifications handed down by various Supreme Courts for Congress’ trampling of the Ninth and Tenth. To him, that’s all well-settled law and perfectly Constitutional.

    If you just end your question with “excesses of the congress and the current administration too?” I think he’d respond, and possibly even favorably so.

    Then you can follow up with JOQ, etc.

  2. There’s no contradiction or danger for Dems in establishing a permanent “truth” commission, because their definition of “truth” is;
    “That which supports the policies, positions and assertions of the Left”.

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