Blog troubles again

Yes, my blog was down from about noon on Thursday until early this morning. My hosting provider had (and still has some) problems with a couple of their DNS servers. I really need to move to another provider.

It also affected,,,,,,,, and email to recipients at those domains. If you didn’t get a response from email to people at those domains you might want to try sending the email again. The sites in italics above are still experiencing problems so you might wait another few hours before retrying on them.

Sorry about that.

In the future people are welcome to use one of my alternate email addresses such as JoeH AT[please no spam]Ā which is through another provider.

Update: The domains are coming are slowing coming back online. I’m removing the italics as I verify they are working again.

Update2: I’ve moved to the new provider and and are in the process. Please don’t send email to the boomershoot address for about 24 hours (8:00 AM January 26 PST) as I work out any bugs that might show up and the new IP addresses filter through the Internet.

Update3: Grrr… the new provider had been working fine for months with and Now it is down after I moved and all the Boomershoot sites over.


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