Comment on hunting regs in Washington state

Via reader Roger I became aware we have this proposal to make a change in the archery hunting regulations:

WAC 232-12-054  Archery requirements–Archery special use
permits.  (1) Rules pertaining to all archery:
(a) It is unlawful for any person to carry or have in his
possession any firearm while in the field archery hunting, during
an archery season specified for that area,
except for modern handguns
carried for personal protection.  Modern handguns cannot be used to
hunt big game or dispatch wounded big game during an archery, big
game hunting season.

The underlined portion is the proposed change. It sounds like a good idea to me. Why should you give up your right to defend yourself with a handgun just because you are doing some archery hunting?

Email your comments to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife here before February 20th, 2009. More details on the commenting process can be found here.


1 thought on “Comment on hunting regs in Washington state

  1. Makes perfect sense to me.

    There is currently a similar, though slightly strange, rule regarding muzzleloader hunting. You may carry a muzzleloading pistol or cap & ball revolver, but you may not use it for hunting or for dispatching wounded game, and you may not carry any modern firearm.

    In that case, I guess the only use for the pistol would be for protection, so they appear to at least uderstand the concept.

    I carry an 1858 reproduction Army .44 percussion revolver when hunting muzzleloader season, and I don’t consider it much of a disadvantage compared to the pocket .45 ACP except that the 1858 is bigger and heavier and takes slightly more time to reload (changing out cylinders verses swapping mags). The percussion revolver is much more accurate and easier to aim, even.

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