Para USA promotes gun bloggers

I received an email from Para USA a few minutes ago. They are preparing for SHOT Show and will be distributing a new catalog at the show. The page 34 of the catalog looks like this:

You can download the 2009 Para USA catalog off their website at this link

You might have noticed the video link on the image to a web page and video of the gun blogger event. Yeah, it doesn’t work for me either.


2 thoughts on “Para USA promotes gun bloggers

  1. If you haven’t seen Michael Bane’s “Shooting Gallery” episode from Blackwater, it includes a relatively short segment on the gunblogger training with Todd Jarrett, but that segment includes a good long period (maybe IIRC seven to ten seconds of airtime) where the camera is watching you and Todd from behind in close-up. The Boomershoot photograph logo on the back of your tee-shirt is crisp, clear, totally legible, and a very prominent part of the view. 🙂

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