Herding cats?

I would like to think Howard Nemerov will have better luck with this than the NRA, GOA, and others do:

I am building a national network to ensure the survival of our civil right of self-defense. Our mission is to contact our congressional representatives at least once a month with a short fact-bite explaining why this civil right is so vital to the preservation of all other rights, as well as the survival of our nation as the international torch-bearer of Liberty.

Initially, we will create and support a minimum of 20,000 activists in each state. One million people contacting their representatives each month will make even the most rabid anti-rights advocate hesitate, because they know that each of you represents an even larger number of votes, and getting re-elected is the goal of most representatives: of the 435 seats in Congress in 2008, 400 incumbents were running for re-election (92% of all available seats).

You will receive a sample talking point each month, or you can say whatever you think will make the best point with your representative.

I tried doing something on a much, much smaller scale and was very disappointed. I had about 15 people on an email list that were “very committed” to the gun rights issue and agreed to help influence the Washington State legislature on the gun issue. I sent out about a half dozen different requests for them to contact their representatives over the course of about a year. I later asked them in person if they had responded as I had requested. There were only about 10 TOTAL contacts that resulted from my requests.

My conclusion was liberty minded people are not easily herded like sheep. That they value their liberty may also mean they will not be easily persuaded to do as someone else asks.

As others have said, it’s like herding cats.

Hence, my conclusion is that Mr. Nemerov had better have some trick up his sleeve that many others have failed to figure out and/or execute successfully on.


2 thoughts on “Herding cats?

  1. Hi, Guys, Thanks as always for posting my own articles from time to time. Mr. Nemerov does shave something working for our side, and that is a very rude awakening in 2007 and 2008. Americans had a shock and sense of abandonment in 2008 with banking scandals and defiance of our soverign authority. The awakening is, of course, that government will not protect us, especially from them. Laymen may be much more willing to hear the liberty message now. I think they’re eager to learn what to do.

    If the electorate can be made more certain and more confident in their own authority, it willbe the piberty purists to show it to them. My thesis is that liberty purists are the only ones who can be trusted because we have been predicting this for years and years. We understand it better thanthe people who quarrel with us. They key is to muster such purists to be on the same page about what Liberty really is. Nemerov’s approach is to summon them, to get them on that same page, and to quit asking permission from officials and to tell officials.

    It might not have worked before, but the climate has changed such that it might work now.

  2. The problem, in my view, is that the average individual does not know what liberty is. And that my friends is a real problem to overcome. Liberals most obviously do not know or worse, don’t care.

    The sheeple are meek indeed. When the .gov starts murdering people here, political alliance will have no differentiation.

    Don’t believe me? Please read history folks.

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