This could be interesting

If I recall correctly predictions are that if this blows with the same sort of destruction as in previous eruptions all life within about 300 miles is likely to be killed. Areas as far away as Kansas, depending on the wind direction and duration, will get up to 10 feet of ash falling from the sky.


7 thoughts on “This could be interesting

  1. Did you ever get a chance to see “Supervolcano”, the movie about it that Discovery Channel made a few years back? Some of it was pretty interesting, but it got kinda “Day After Tomorrow”ish in parts too.

    It’d certainly put a crimp in The One’s grand plan wouldn’t it…

  2. I was there when St. Helens blew.

    Crap I still can’t talk about it. It was bad. We’re talking a sound wave that you couldn’t hear but could tell passed over your head. Gigantic bolts of electricity blasting out of the boiling ash and obliterating huge swaths of ground.

    The destruction was indescribable and the lies Carter told about the disaster almost as bad.

  3. “We cannot predict, prevent or prepare for such cataclysms…”

    Aw, I was hoping they’d blame Bush. They need to fire that guy and hire a more “responsible journalist” who knows enough to link all threats, real or imagined, to the Republicans.

  4. Living in the Star Valley area of Western Wyoming, I can only hope for enough notice to get out or have it over quickly!

  5. Check out Wikipedia on supervolcanoes. Idaho is VEI 7+ central. I’d like to see a volcanic eruption. From a safe distance. But not Yellowstone. Please.

  6. Yeah. Yellowstone erupting means there isn’t really a safe distance until you are in outer space.

    I drew a 300 mile radius around Yellowstone and mailed it to my son with the words, “Have a nice day.”

    That circle reaches across most of ID, WY, and MT. It grabs a big bite out of UT. It just touches Orofino Idaho (my hometown), NV, OR, and CO, and almost reaches the Dakotas, WA, and NE.

    That is just the circle of death. The impact on weather would be worldwide.

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