Quote of the day–Col. William C. Hunter

If there is anything in the theory of survival of the fittest, a lot of the people we know must have been overlooked.

Col. William C. Hunter
[I’m a little bit annoyed they canceled the steel match scheduled for today. People should be practicing under adverse conditions as well as when the environment is accommodating. Otherwise they are just enabling themselves to be culled when failure to perform under some hardship means non-survival.

I’d call them a bunch of wimps (actually I already did, but I didn’t mean it) except there wouldn’t be any place to park vehicles. With all the snow on the ground people couldn’t have driven up the road to the parking area.–Joe]

5 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Col. William C. Hunter

  1. I wouldn’t call them wimps. My immediate thought when I read it had been canceled was, road is probably not plowed and I’d rather not get stuck. As it is I currently have to dig out my truck. It was fine Friday night, I drove it to work, dumped sometime during the night though.

    Cleared the driveway yesterday, now for my truck.

  2. A local farmer plowed the road (before the last storm) but he was concerned that a) there was no place to put the snow in the bays and b)we lose a lot of gravel when he clears the bays with his cat. I admit, I am a wimp: I paid someone to clear the 18″ of slush in my driveway for the first time since I moved here.

  3. “With all the snow on the ground people couldn’t have driven up the road to the parking area”

    That’s why they invented snowshoes. As for snow in the pistol bays; seriously, I don’t get it. What’s the problem with snow in the pistol bays? You don’t have showshoes?

    What’s easier/cheaper/more convenient; moving tons and tons of snow using an expensive plow rig multiple times per year, or getting a pair of snowshoes that you can also use anywhere else and have fun in the process? What I think I’m hearing is; “If I can’t drive directly to within a few feet of it, I’m not going there.” I’ll accept that if you have a physical disability that prevents walking with a pistol.

    I know; I rarely ever participate in the organized shoots. Go ahead and pile on, but I do go out into places some of you apparently would never consider going. For fun. And yes– I do have snowshoes. I’ve spent many weeks on them in the mountains of Idaho and Washington, some above the tree line, with a 40 to 45 pound backpack, standard. I won’t mention that it was often done without flashlights (those, we figured, were for wussies) and without electronic communications or GPS. Sure, call it bluster, and it is bluster. Factual bluster. Fact of the matter is for all of you; it’s fun to go out and cope with this sort of thing, and you can be comfortable at the same time. It can be done. Bring a little firewood and some hotdogs, and make a party out of it.

  4. Oh yeah; the Fernan Rod and Gun Club has been known to hold pistol matches at their range near Fernan Lake outside of Coeur d’Alene, ID, with showshoes required. They also hold “war-wagon” shoots, wherein you shoot from a moving vehicle.

  5. Lyle, it wasn’t a matter of getting to the shooting bays from the road. It was a matter of a safe place to park the vehicles. With the snowbanks there are no shoulders to park on.

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