Yammering to ban air guns now–yawn

In the U.K. they have banned handguns, some long guns, have heavy restrictions on all long guns, and restrictions on knives. There should be no surprise there are now calls for the banning of air guns:

A POLICE chief has backed stricter controls on selling BB guns after a teenager was shot in the eye at close range with one of the replica firearms.

Angry mum Lynn Colley called for a ban on the weapons after her daughter Paige, 14, was left temporarily blind by a ball bearing fired at her face.


3 thoughts on “Yammering to ban air guns now–yawn

  1. I’ve always thought Great Britain was a little odd; it’s sort of like having a great big island full of liberal Democrats.

  2. “by a ball bearing fired at her face”

    Soon to be labeled “baby killing assault ball bearings”

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