2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Charles De Gaulle

  1. – Citizen politicians – not “professionals”. No lawyers?
    – $1,000,000 a year while in office – encourage brilliant folks to offer themselves for office. Not a dime once out of office. They should have to make a living (and be taxed) in the world they make.
    – Some method of ensuring that those passing the laws will be subject to those laws – including while in office
    – Constitional ammendment limiting spending – not just taxation (they’ll just borrow and kick the problem down the road).
    – Closed meetings only for national security and a requirement that the minutes be published at some future date certain.
    – Reverse the trend towards nationalization of almost everything. Schools are local/state concerns, as are roads, airports, health services, environmental standards,, etc. The FedGov should have nothing to do with these things.

    Get the government out of the business of growing itself and diminishing librerty.

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