Breaking news–Incident at Microsoft building 118

I walked across the street to the cafeteria in building 117 and noticed there was a fire alarm going off in building 118 and lots of people were standing around. Microsoft security was parked outside and I thought it might be a fire drill. It was a little odd because usually they do those in the morning.

When I came back with food in hand there were three firetrucks and a “Battalion Chief” SUV parked outside. Then I saw the water shooting out from the front door. A sprinkler?

Something unusually is definitely going on but there isn’t any smoke and I didn’t see hoses going inside the building so it probably isn’t too serious.

Notice the water shooting out from above the door?

7 thoughts on “Breaking news–Incident at Microsoft building 118

  1. Maybe. It seems odd they would send three firetrucks unless they got the signal of water flowing and didn’t talk to anyone on site before sending the trucks.

  2. Probably the sprinkler system above the door went off due to weather. How cold is it there? Our factory had that happen twice before they finally figured out how to fix it. The temp at the time was cold… low double digits or lower.

    Joe R>

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