I came home early today

Forecasts were that I would have to drive 200+ miles in heavy snow between Redmond and Home.

It wasn’t too bad. About 20 miles of compact snow and ice with the rest of the trip bare and wet. West bound I-90 was closed for a while with vehicles backed up for about 20 miles but I was headed east and wasn’t really affected.


One thought on “I came home early today

  1. What a useful political map! I know that the green shows where all the greens are, and red surrounded by yellow must be the hard-core leftists. But I sure thought there’d be more of the red, white and blue parts. Not sure about all the brown; perhaps that’s where libertarian “Brownshirts” are in the majority?

    More seriously, this is the first time I’ve seen yellow, red, and white on a radar map. Guess our storms just aren’t that impressive down here in California.

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