Franken and the “Recount”

This touches close to home for me, since our now WA state gubnuh “found” enough votes after recount after recount, to turn a loss into a victory.  Ann Coulter gives us more detail from the Minnesota senatorial race than you’ll find anywhere in the Old Media;

According to Michael Barone, an examination of King County [Washington State] records showed that nearly 2,000 more mail-in ballots had been “cast” in King County than had been requested.

I was immediately suspicious when WA state went to an all mail-in voting system.  Now I’m not suspicious– I know.

But Gregoire got to be governor — having done unusually well among the imaginary voters of King County.

The head of the Washington State Democratic Party orchestrating this ballot theft was Paul Berendt. Guess who is advising Al Franken on the Minnesota recount right now? That’s right: Paul Berendt.

Surprise, surprise.  We now have evidence of an interstate rent-a-cheat.  Coulter adds;

And, per usual, the Republicans clearly haven’t the vaguest notion what is about to hit them.

Clearly.  The Republicans are too busy trying to appear nice, and can’t be bothered with vague abstractions like the rule of law, or the state and federal Constitutions.  I never could, and can never refer to them as the Grand Old Party.  For now, it’s the Party of the Perpetually Clueless, or PPC.  The trouble with the clueless is that they never know they’re clueless, and cowards always have a perfectly good rationale for doing nothing.


2 thoughts on “Franken and the “Recount”

  1. yup. the democrats learn. they learn from the crap the republicans pulled in 2000 and 2004 to get King George elected…

    Bunch of crap all round.

  2. Yup; that’s a good one. Well, at least you said W was elected. Or maybe you’re serious. It’s often hard to tell the difference between seriousness and parody, especially when it comes to Bush Derangement Syndrome or any other leftist psychosis.

    If the crap the Republicans pulled is indeed actionable, I would think that the Democrats would have gotten some prosecutions for election fraud, what with controlling Congress and having the media and academia at their fingertips. Failing that, I guess, they can take the position that it’s their turn to cheat.

    Which is worse then; failing to do their duty and enforce basic election law, or seeing the mere perception of fraud as an opportunity to actually do it in earnest? I’m not sure. The main thing I see is what Coulter pointed out– that the Republicans are nowhere to be found. Thay’re all out taking a powder.

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