Vandals go to the range

If you are in the Moscow area you might be interesting in going to the range with some (University of Idaho) Vandals:

This Sunday, the 16th is a range day sponsored by the Vandals for Firearms Education and Training (VFET). We are meeting in the Safeway parking lot here in Moscow at 1pm and caravaning out to the range out on Lenville Road.

Look for the silver Subaru Forester with the fishing bobber antenna topper and the yellow flag on the antenna on top.

So come on out and have some fun at the range.

Daughter Kim and I plan on attending.

Update: Kim can’t make it due to a study session with a fellow classmate. I’m going to work on Caleb and Xenia and try and get them out there.

3 thoughts on “Vandals go to the range

  1. ”Vandals for Firearms Education and Training” sounds… kind of funny. Just for reader info. — I believe ”Vandals” is the U-I mascot.

  2. Yes. They burn, rape and pillage their way across the football field, basketball court, et al. In Richland, WA, their high school mascot is (or was very recently) the “bombers” and their logo was a mushroom cloud (they’ve made plutonium there since W.W. II). Bombers for Firearms Education. In Orofino, ID, they’re the Maniacs (there’s a mental hospital there).

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