Remember that when Obama announced his Vice-President candidate Joe Biden he bragged that Biden was instrumental in getting the “assault weapon” ban of ’94:

Fifteen years ago, too many American communities were plagued by violence and insecurity. So Joe Biden brought Democrats and Republicans together to pass the 1994 Crime Bill, putting 100,000 cops on the streets, and starting an eight year drop in crime across the country.

CCRKBA reports:

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said gun owners are legitimately alarmed that president-elect Barack Obama has selected virulent anti-gun-rights Democrat Rahm Emanuel as his White House chief of staff. Emanuel was “point man” on gun ban efforts for the Clinton Administration.

“Scores of Democrats, including Senator Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden, assured voters over the past several months that they ‘support’ the Second Amendment,” Gottlieb stated. “Well, America’s gun owners do not merely ‘support’ the Second Amendment, we live by it every day. We value the right to keep and bear arms, and will zealously protect and defend that right, as much as we value the rest of our fundamental individual civil rights, and that is something Democrats need to understand. To think otherwise is a monumental mistake.

“Mr. Obama, whose history on gun rights is abysmal, appears to be considering his party’s most extremist gun control advocates for key positions in his administration,” Gottlieb continued. “That is not a sign of goodwill toward gun owners or their rights. It’s a red flare warning of high winds and rough weather looming on the political horizon.

David Hardy reports:

Supporting it is an insider DC tip that his people are seriously considering a federal ban or restriction on “right to carry” laws.

Countertop reports (see also this post):

Looks like the fix is in and Henry Waxman and Nancy Pelosi are going to toss John Dingell aside…

This was an easy decision for Pelosi who has long clashed with Dingell and ran Lynn Rivers against him in a primary attempt to defeat him.

The Lynne Rivers campaign was all about gun control.

President-Elect Barrack Obama is exceedingly anti-gun. His VP is exceedingly anti-gun. His Chief of Staff is exceedingly anti-gun. The pro-gun John Dingell, Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, who blocked anti-gun legislation from reaching the floor of the House is being booted and replaced with the anti-gun Henry Waxman.

It seems to me that things are shaping up to be “a Perfect Storm”.

I’ll announce my latest software project by sometime next weekend. It may come in useful if things get really ugly.


6 thoughts on “Ominous

  1. They’re going to precipitate more Wacos and Ruby Ridges if they keep this up.

    Tolerance and unity indeed.

  2. Help! The paranoids are after you! Did you read all those quotes above? They all say things like “appear” and are all completely and merely speculative. But enough to get your panties all bunched up. Guess you are avoiding the January 20 rush.

    Say, have you reconciled yourselves to the Panama Canal yet (late 1970’s)? That was the paranoid fear when I lived then in Montana.

    Regardless, don’t forget to look under your beds tonight.

  3. There is nothing speculative about Obama, Biden, Emanuel, and Waxman’s attitudes about gun owners. They all have visible anti-gun records.

    The only speculation is whether they will act on their bigotry or whether they will respect our specific, enumerated, right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

  4. Bob; we’ve been watching this bunch for many years. Forget the quotes. We know these individuals very well through their long years of rabid, amazingly irrational anti 2A crusading. I think it was ’97 or ’98 when I wrote to H. Waxman, telling him about the misinformation he had up on his web site about 50 cal rifles, and also wrote to the CA Dept of Justice about some stupid-ass confiscation scheme they had going for SKS rifles that had just been registered. Yeah, we know these people. They’re corrupt, they’re stupid as hell, ignorant, and they consider themselves superior in any company.

    We’re not paranoid– they really are out to get us. That much is a matter of record. As Joe says it’s only a matter of how far they’ll try to take their anti-freedom BS.

    I’m a little surprised from time to time how far into denial some people are with regard to this issue, but then I have to correct myself. Liberty has always been, and always will be, under attack. That’s the human condition, but we all want to live our lives without having to think about it. OK; so don’t think about it. Move along.

    Joe; they’ll never respect the 2A of course, but will instead, to some extent at least, consider their chances of success against the political damage such success might cause them. They still remember what happened in Clinton’s administration, and the subsequent Republican wins, as having at least something to do with their push for, and implementation of, more anti gun laws. With this current bunch being even more irrational, who knows? If they’re smart they’ll find someone stupid enough to hang their agenda on, then throw them under the bus if there’s any major heat. They have a lot of options.

  5. “I’ll announce my latest software project by sometime next weekend. It may come in useful if things get really ugly.”

    External Ballistics Computation?

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