Bigot meme in public usage

I’ve been pushing the anti-gun people as bigots meme for quite a while now (since nearly day one on my blog). Here that concept gets mentioned in a more public venue:

Sigler described Massachusetts as a tolerant state, in terms of race and sexual orientation, but criticized the state’s intolerance towards handguns, saying lawmakers are “[promoting] bigotry against gun owners.” He even proposed that because of these laws, citizens are forced to hide their guns as if they were obscene or wrong, and are ultimately treated as second-class citizens.

Good. It’s one of the few defenses we have against the next administration in the White House.


One thought on “Bigot meme in public usage

  1. Timely blog. My wife Susan has a birthday coming up real soon. She orginally told me she wanted some camera lens filters. This evening she did the female thing and changed her mind. She now wants a very compact 9mm for her purse. Obama like Clinton before him is a great gun salesman.

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