New shooter report

A few weeks ago a new co-worker noticed the newspaper clipping (actually it’s two full pages) on my door about Boomershoot and started asking questions about guns. He wanted to buy a rifle, handgun, and shotgun. Which would I recommend?

I asked, What is your intended purpose? He was hesitant but it finally came out that it was for “home defense”. For the rifle he expressed an interest in an AR-15 type gun. And probably a 9mm or similar in the handgun. “Not something with as much recoil as a .45.” But he hadn’t ever fired anything but a .22 rifle which was “years and years ago”.

This evening we went to the range after work. This was the first time I have ever seen the parking lot at Wades completely full. I had to find parking on the street nearby. I wonder why that is…

I went over the safety rules, taught him how to grip the gun, and did a bunch of dry firing and then he put about 50 rounds through a Ruger MK III from about 15 feet away into an IPSC target. He did very well. When I had him doing slow fire he was putting about half of his shots into one ragged hole and the other half within an inch or so. This was more accurate than he thought possible with a pistol. He took his target home with him. I’m wondering if it will show up on his office door at work tomorrow…

Next week we’ll visit the range with larger pistol calibers, revolvers, and an AR-15.

And his politics? He’s a self described liberal. Before Tuesday I’m going to let him know what Obama thinks of the guns he likes and wants to buy.


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  1. Looking forward to an update!

    Make sure you impress upon him that just banning some is not OK. Here in California, there are quite a few Obama supporting gun owners who think it’s OK if the big O bans just some guns.

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