Quote of the day–Carl Bogus

We felt that, for a variety of reasons, the collective rights model was under represented in the debate, and wanted to give scholars an opportunity to enhance or further illuminate the collective rights position. Sometimes a more balanced debate is best served by an unbalanced symposium. I did not, therefore, invite anyone who I knew subscribed to the individual rights model.

Carl Bogus
June 12, 2001
Email regarding a Chicago-Kent symposium on the Second Amendment which only invited, and allowed, anti-gun owner viewpoints to be presented. This was done under the “community leadership” of Barack No Guns Allowed Obama–see also Obama and the Attempt to Destroy the Second Amendment.
[And would Mr. Bogus would say a more balanced trial of a black man is best served by the judge, both lawyers, and all the people on the jury being members of the KKK?–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Carl Bogus

  1. “Sometimes a more balanced debate is best served by an unbalanced symposium.”

    Wow! No doubt this is what they mean by “fair” also. I guess they’ve set the bar there, and we need can rub that one in their faces at every opportunity.

    Yeah, I want a “more balanced debate” on property rights, communication, transportation, energy, agriculture, education, finance, business, labor, the whole lot. We’ll accomplish that “more balanced debate” by cutting the left out of the discussion.

  2. Yeah. I agree. I figured it was a cheap shot and as vulnerable as he was I didn’t need to take it.

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