He Forgot the Hate Factor

Walter E. Williams has an excellent piece entitled Destroying Liberty in which he accurately describes the process that leads ordinary Americans to support destructive legislation.

But if you were to ask, say, the average senior citizen whether Social Security, Medicare and prescription drug subsidies should be continued, he would probably answer yes. The same would be true if you asked a college professor whether higher education should continue to be subsidized, or a farmer or a dairyman whether their products should be subsidized, or a manufacturer whether there should be tariffs and quotas on foreign products that compete with his product. The problem with congressmen producing favors and privileges to all interest groups is that it creates what none of us wants: massive control, numerous dictates and micromanagement of our lives.

Read the whole thing.  Superb as it is, he missed the hate factor.  There are a significant number of Americans who have been taught to hate the very things that make this country a success.  They hate the very idea of corporations for example.  The term “free enterprise” makes their blood boil.  The sight of a nice home, on a nice lot, with the American flag flying makes them want to spit.  They have a hateful name for it; “McMansion”.  They would tend to agree with Obama when he says with contempt that some Americans are clinging to guns and religion (the first two amendments in the Bill of Rights).  I suppose deriding Americans who “cling” to property rights, free speech, the right to a fair trial by jury, etc., will come next.  When FDR was pushing his Raw Deal back in the ’30s and ’40s, there was a famous (to me) quote, and I paraphrase; “For the first time, the rich are going to feel the same pain that the poor have felt.”  Spread the misery.  If I’m suffering, angry, and unhappy, then by damn, if I can’t do anything else, I will make you suffer, make you angry, and make you just as miserable as I.  That seems to be the mentality.  It’s far easier to tear down someone else’s house than to build one of your own.

Now we’re faced with the possibility that one of these America haters is going to be elected president.


3 thoughts on “He Forgot the Hate Factor

  1. I went to my Junior year of high school in Bangkok, Thailand. Every classmate their told me he or she wanted more than anything else, to come to “America”.

    Yet here in America, we have a bunch of people who have never been to a foreign land who hate America. Why is this? I mean really . . . why?

  2. I must not be an average senior citizen then, because I would settle for the Ponzi scheme known as ss just paying back to me the money that it has stolen from my employer and I over the years(estimated to be ~$250,000).
    And don’t get me started on those medicrap and drugs.

    Terry –

    Precisely because most of those morons have never been to another country. I’m of the firm opinion that every C-grade high school graduate should be given a round trip ticket( an small stipend) to any country(with the exception of a very few western European ones). They get a month or so to live somewhere else jsut to show them the difference. Most of them would come back with a whole new outlook on the USofA.

  3. “I mean really . . . why?”

    Public Education. Some of the most radical anti-Americans and self-described communists are being supported by your tax dollars and given a bully pulpit at our schools and universities. The “default mentality” of nearly every kid out of high school is a strong leftist slant: Corporations are evil, the rich got that way by stepping on other people, if you “win in life’s lottery” it means someone else loses, if you have more it means someone else is being deprived, The World hates America, Americans are ignorant and violent dolts while people from other nations are wise, worldly and compassionate, government is the answer to all things, if people in other nations are suffering it is America’s fault, our prosperity is threatening the very existence of the planet, etc., etc., etc., etc.. We’ve all heard it all out lives, but how often do you hear the opposite? Never, unless you go out of your way looking for it.

    Hell, most Republicans believe most of that crap too. The debate isn’t even about liberty vs. socialism anymore. It’s about how much socialism, how fast, how it should be applied and by whom.

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