New Jersey DOT wants to build a shoot house

This isn’t definite of course but it’s a reasonable indicator that the New Jersey DOT wants to build a shoot house:

Domain Name ? (U.S.)
IP Address 160.93.145.# (New Jersey Department of Transportation)
ISP New Jersey Department of Transportation
Continent  : North America
Country  : United States  (Facts)
State  : Pennsylvania
City  : Newtown
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Distance  : 2,126 miles
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I have to wonder why they would need a shoot house. Aren’t carry guns already outlawed there? If none of the private citizens can carry guns why would the DOT need them? Oh, that’s right, they already have the guns off “the streets” and now they need to go into the home to collect what is left. After all, New Jersey has officially decleared, “When it comes to firearms, the citizen acts at his peril.”