This is for Kevin

I think Kevin Baker has his problems with the TSA mostly fixed now. I’m pretty sure he is now able to avoid getting special treatment when he flies. But had the normal channels not worked he could have just changed his name. Apparently it works quite well.

My contempt for the TSA Security Theater is at an all time high. But there is a certain amount of truth to the claim that a great deal of security is about feeling secure rather than actually being secure. However this doesn’t lower my contempt of the TSA, it just raises my contempt for sheeple and all government (redendency alert) idiots.


3 thoughts on “This is for Kevin

  1. Actually, Joe, I watched a news piece (I think it was ABC, but I’m not sure) on how to overcome being put on the TSA watchlist. One simple suggestion was to screw with the name on your reservation. For example, my middle initial is “H” (for Hill). If I put the ticket reservation in the name of Kevinh Baker or KevinHill Baker, it would most probably avoid being pinged by TSA, and I could still get a boarding pass. If they hadn’t taken me off the list, I’d have tried that next.

    Some security, eh?

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