Local Control and the Second Amendment

I’m about fed up with this blatant PDS (public display of stupidity).  The leftists keep telling us that we, the mean old meanies in other states, are “forcing our will” on the poor, besieged Washington DC residents, telling them they can’t make their very own gun laws.  Oh, the humanity– a local government isn’t being allowed to violate the constitution!  Woe be to us all– the very concept of democracy is being tortured to death by those eeevil and dastardly NRA-puppet, gun-clinging, pig Neocons!  Boo Hoo Hoo Hoooooo!  And, oh yeah– Boo Hoo Hoooooo!

Just for fun (and because it will raise the ire of just about everyone) lets look at the fake indignation over “states’ rights” and the phony demand for “local democratic control” among the left when it comes to abortion.  States’ rights on abortion laws anyone?  Nope.  No way.  None exist.  No local control rights exist for abortion because abortion is a constitutional right, damn it.  Five justices said so, and you can’t mess with a constitutional right!  Not even a little bit, because if we allow a little bit, who knows how far things would go toward limiting the right to an abortion?  Why, some people even want to ban abortion, don’t you know!

We can now see that even the most anti-American, gun-hating, bigoted Marxist, anti-constitution leftists, including those in the Supreme Court, do in fact understand how rights are supposed to work.  They’ve told us.  There should be no option, for any state or locale, for voting away that which is a right, or for encroaching on it in any way whatsoever.  To do so would violate the right of the individual to an abortion, and that would be wrong no matter how many people want to do it, no matter where they are, and no matter how good their intentions.  Some have even gone so far as to insist that, as a right, abortion should be paid for by the taxpayers, on demand, to minors, with no parental notification, and in so demanding, they have been taken very, very seriously by the left.

I as a parent can’t send my kid to school with a couple of asprin because drugs are “bad” and many schools have zero tolerance for drugs, but when it comes to abortion– a “right” that isn’t addressed in the constitution, wasn’t written into the constitution by the prescribed amendment process but was instead created out of thin air by five people in black robes, it’s a right which is so absolute that my under-age kid should get an abortion on demand, anywhere in the fifty states and the district of Columbia, without parental notification, and have it paid for by the state.  Got it.

Leftists assert some new-found rights and behave one way, while they disagree with other, well-established and clearly enumerated rights and behave in the opposite manner.  Imagine if we were to take the hard-core “abortion rights” advocates’ position regarding our second amendment rights:

Anyone who wants a gun gets the gun of their choice, on demand, with plenty of ammunition, at any time, anywhere in the Union, with no parental notification, paid for with taxpayer money, and no state or locale should be allowed to make any laws regarding guns or other weapons because it’s a constitutional right and you can’t mess with a constitutional right, ever, ever, no matter what, period.  (hey, they’re going to do it anyway, right?  may as well give them quality guns and show them how to use them properly in a controlled environment)

Which way do you want it, lefties?  Tell you what; I’m confident enough as a parent that I believe I can convince my daughter to do the right thing when it comes to controlling her sex life.  You can have your way with abortion if we can have our way regarding the real Bill of Rights, including the second amendment (except we’ll throw out the tax-payer funding bit, because that’s just stupid as hell).  Deal?  And I don’t want to ever hear, “If it saves the life of just one child…”  We’re on to you lefties.  Knock it off.

How about we take the assertion, “my body, my choice” and apply it to the second amendment? “My body, my choice, including the means of protecting it.”


6 thoughts on “Local Control and the Second Amendment

  1. [playing devil’s advocate]

    The problem with the analogy is that abortions only affect the woman and the child inside her and never accidentally kill or wound others (outside of the child inside her).

    (remember, I don’t buy that argument, it’s just what I’d see them coming back with)

  2. Robb; don’t forget the father. He’s been left out of the discussion. And the parents of an under-age girl (the baby’s grandparents)? We can’t even tell them because they might try to interfere with the right of the girl.

    And OK, I’ll play along. We’re not supposed to talk about this (it’s another one of those forbidden subjects) but too bad. Look at AIDS, and how we’re supposed to extend all manner of sympathy and never dare to suggest any shred of responsibility or any shred of possible danger to others, even when it comes to international travel, the workplace, schools, immigration, etc.. Enough said?

    But we digress, don’t we? If a “right” is one that happens to have the approval of the left, it is considered absolute to the furthest extreme. If it’s one they don’t like it’s to be ignored completely. If you want to count “deaths” I think some would argue that abortion takes far more of them than gun accidents. But we’re not talking about deaths– we’re talking about that which is a right, and how a right belongs not to city hall, or to the voter, but to the individual.

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